Claire Denis on 35 Shots of Rum

»I've been dreaming for many years of making an homage to Ozu, and this particular film was possible for me to use as an homage to Ozu, because actually it's the story of my grandfather and my mother. She was raised by her father. And once I took her to see a retrospective of Ozu, and she really had a sort of shock to see that film [Late Spring]. That was maybe ten, fifteen years ago. I told her, ›Maybe, once, I will try to make a film like that for you.‹ On the other hand I was a little bit afraid, and when I saw Hou Hsiao-hsien's film, the film he made in Japan - Café Lumière - , the homage, I thought maybe it's simpler to make an homage to Ozu. Maybe my shyness should be reconsidered. Maybe it's possible.« Thanks to Klaus Volkmer I found the beautiful interview by Robert Davis on dailyplastic.